Monday, August 13, 2007

Things We Wish We Knew II

“I wish I knew that there was such little emphasis on publishing, or getting information on publishing. It's been that way for me, anyway. I've gotten most of the good advice that's come my way from Ryan (thanks Ryan), and that's about it. I wouldn't want publishing advice and goals to take over, but I think it's important to hear about that, and also to be pushed to apply for fellowships and given information about summer writing conferences, etc. I wish I'd known that the Poetry kids have more of a core community (the Poetry House, lots of love and involvement from Eric P and Jennifer A) and that fiction lacked that. I would have tried earlier on to get something regular going with fiction people. I also wish I'd known that there were so few good readings and reading opportunities in DC. I wouldn't have moved there instead of to Virginia first, and I would have been better about going to Candid Yaks and meeting people.”

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