Monday, October 29, 2007

Fiction Dinner at Susan's...

The first fiction dinner of the Fall 2007 semester (for those who missed it) focused on the process of working with the novel form. Overall, it was a huge success--thank you to the organizers! Susan has this lovely little cottage space behind her house that is seriously conductive to either reading or writing very good books. We gathered there and Susan read to us from something she's currently working on, along with discussing how it came about and her patterns of novel-writing, all while we played the pass the wine bottle game :). There was talk of organizing a forum next semester which would involve publishing experts from NYC. There should be three more fiction dinners this school year; I think Alan, Courtney, and Steve have each volunteered their home and thoughts. I definitely enjoyed seeing all the fiction people together and having the chance to discuss anything on our minds relating to fiction writing. Here are some images from the gathering...

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  1. Yo - these photos rock. We are a good-looking group. Thanks Kristin, for taking them and posting them.

    And thanks to everybody for coming out. It was a lot of fun.

    And big thanks to Susan for hosting us, reading from her work, and responding to all of our questions.