Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's On: Fiction Dinner with Courtney Brkic, December 2nd

Okay, sorry for the delay, but I have VERY EXCITING NEWS: I have confirmation for our next Fiction Dinner.

Sunday, December 2nd, 6 PM
Lynnet Ngulube's house, Fairfax, VA (I'll send directions over the listserv)

Definitely let me know if you can come and meet one of our newest faculty members. Like last time, this will be a potluck dinner, so please let me know what you are bringing.

List so far:
Maria I: Dessert and Wine
Priyanka C: Mac and cheese
Elizabeth B: Hummus and veggies
Rion S: Chicken
Rebecca M: Bread, cheese, wine
Kate H: Something with pita
Norah V: Stuffed mushrooms
David H: Pie
Steve L:
Elyse B:
Elizabeth E: Pasta salad
Ryan C: Reindeer Food
Becky B:
David R: Wine
David C:
Kristin V: Tortilla chips with salsa and bean dip
Sara H:
Tim R:
The mysterious Kelli F: Something vegan
The fabulous Lynnet N. and Eliza: their own fabulousness


  1. David C know, the timing with these things is always SOOOO bad! Hello! Final projects due this week!! :-P

    But OK, I'll be there. I finally decided. I'll bring some wine that I don't know anything about, and maybe today I'll bring something else. Um. Yeah, that's as specific as I can get.

  2. I'm looking forward to Ryan C's lichen, especially if he is serving it still attached to rocks and permafrost.