Monday, April 7, 2008

Fiction Dinner with Alan Cheuse

Yesterday evening, a bunch of us fiction writers--along with a non-fiction representative--headed over to Alan Cheuse's home. We discussed writing after we graduate the MFA (a popular topic at these dinners), when to finally stop revising a story (when two reliable readers say it's finished), and the distinction, or lack thereof, between modernism and post-modernism. Alan read one of his own stories, Ben in Amboy, which was recently published in Witness, Volume XXI. Our non-fiction representative confirmed that the story was--despite Benjamin Franklin being the title character--not non-fiction. A gigantic thank you to Alan and Kristin for hosting!

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  1. The reason why the issue of how to write after grad school keeps coming up is because I keep bringing it up. Thanks to everyone for making this dinner a success.

    And big thanks to Kristin for the terrific photographs - I imagine Alan's going to steal that one of him for his book jacket.