Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olsson's Closed

Really sad news everyone: Olsson's books, the most amazing local book store chain, has made the decision to close shop, under the weight of tremendous debt. People went to the readings at Politics and Prose, or went to be seen at Kramerbooks, but Olsson's was where you could get down to business - just solid books, music, and movies, with knowledgable and kind salespeople.

Sad day for DC books...


  1. i know...i'm on their email newsletter and i thought they were joking at first. what will i do with my frequent Olsson's buyer card? :(

  2. DSR—are you comment 107 hoping they will unload the Criterion collection?


    (It could be more telling that I read that far, though.)

  3. Ever since I moved to Fairfax, I've meant to go to Olsson's and haven;t. I guess this is a lesson against procrastination. Still, I'm sad to hear this, even though I never went.

  4. Yeah, EE, now you are stuck with Hole in the Wall Books in Falls Church.

    Kidding. It is kind of a cool used bookstore though.

    Seems this is such an emotional issue. I doubt anyone's going to read this comment, but uh, so--how long before I should delete the link to Olsson's?