Friday, July 10, 2009

Cell Stories

You may have studied cell theory, the concept that all life is made up of cells; read The Count of Monte Cristo, certain action of which takes place in a dark cell; or heard of the cell phone novels, written by people tapping on cell phone keys on their commutes to work and whose pen names, like Mone and Mika, are made up of few syllables.

OK, forget all that. Daniel Sinker, who teaches journalism at Columbia College in Chicago and blogs about media for the Huffington Post, has developed Cell Stories, which will deliver a story to iPhones, iPod Touches, or other mobile devices each day for free.

So. Send your work. All sorts: 1500–2000 words of fiction, creative nonfiction, personal narrative, or literary journalism, Sinker just requested that it be good. Here's an article about it. Submit to: (And, no, these Cell Stories, by Lilly Zhang, aren’t the same thing. But go there, too.)

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