Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fiction Dinner It Up with Susan Shreve on December 6th!

Here's the list for the second fiction dinner of the year, which Susan Shreve will so kindly be hosting at her lovely home in DC on Sunday, Dec. 6 at 5pm. Directions/metro info. to follow. In the meantime, send an email to Kirsten ( or Norah ( if you have any questions. Update the blog or shoot us an email once you're struck with culinary inspiration and dream up the fabulous dish you'll be bringing for the pot-luck.

1. Norah Vawter
2. Kirsten Clodfelter -- All manner of silverware, etc.
3. Ben Brown
4. Eugenia Tsutsumi
5. Whitney Poole
6. Jenna Morgan -- Freaking delicious spin dip
7. Walt Seale
8. Jennifer Brown -- Fruit salad
9. Allison Renner
10. Collin Grabarek
11. Brie Spencer
12. Priyanka Champaneri
13. Elizabeth Gutting
14. Nicole Lee -- dessert
15. Beckie McGill -- Wine and dessert
16. Sara Flood
17. Pat Devlin
18. Taehee Kim
19. Tim Rowe -- Pasta salad (or some kind of non-lettuce salad)
20. Lisa Hill Corely -- Deviled eggs
(Since Kirsten apparently needs a lesson in how to actually use her email, we're adding these two earlier-missed RSVPs to the list. Sorry about that, Ladies!)
21. Sarah Silberman
22. Ally Armistead -- Cheese and wine

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