Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Alums Win storySouth Selection

The journal storySouth selected three four five stories by GMU MFA alumni for its Notable Stories of 2009 awards: Tara Laskowski, for “Like Everyone Else” in Fiction Weekly; Janet Freeman, for “The Ugliest Drowned Man in the World Washes Ashore Lake Michigan” in PANK; Benjamin Chadwick, for “The Power of Fiction” in Rough Copy; Rion Amilcar Scott, for “Rolling in My Six-Fo’—Daa Daa Daa—With All My Niggas Saying: Swing Down Sweet Chariot Stop and Let Me Riiiide. Hell Yeah.” in Bosphorus Art Project Quarterly; and Scott Garson, for “About Me and My Cousin,” in Matchbook. Congrats all!

Also named was the story “Stranger Things Have Happened,” by Alix Ohlin, one of our visiting writers in fiction this spring (the story appeared in


  1. Uh..actually four....not to blow own nose

    Congrats to the other three.

  2. No worries, Rion. I, too, have been ignored by our Alma Mater:

  3. Not too shabby! There are probably others lurking in that list too.