Thursday, March 27, 2008

Literature Live: 3-Day Book Festival

Two of our own writers, faculty member Helon Habila and third year fiction writer Rion Scott, will be a part of this weekend's Literature Live, a 3 day book festival sponsored by UDC and the Hurston-Wright Foundation. He'll be sitting on a panel called The Young Lions: The New Black Male Writers. Below is a description of the event.

Saturday, March 29th
Busboys and Poets
2021 - 14th Street NW
11:45am to 1:15pm
The Young Lions: The New Black Male Writers

A reading and discussion. Panelists: Helon Habila, author of “Waiting for an Angel” and Creative Writing Professor at George Mason University, James Ocita, pursuing MFA at the University of Maryland, Rion Amilcar Scott, pursuing MFA at George Mason University, and William Henry Lewis, author of “In The Arms of Our Elders” and “I Got Somebody In Staunton.”
Moderated by Patricia Elam

Rion has this to say: "I'd love if you guys could make it out to see me in action. It's a reading and discussion so I'll also be sharing some of my more crackpot opinions on literature and life. It should be a good reading. I can vouch for William Henry Lewis, who will be reading along with me. He's the author of the amazing collection "I Got Somebody in Staunton." (The first story "Shades" is a showstopper.) I've seen him read on more than one occasion and I was blown away, even while hearing the same story twice."

For more info about the festival, check out this pdf.

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  1. There's a small change in the line up. Christopher John Farley, author of "Before The Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley" will also be reading.

    William Henry Lewis, author of "I Got somebody in Staunton," will not be reading, but he will moderate the event.