Monday, March 31, 2008

Ninth Letter Likes Mike Scalise

Ninth Letter, one of the greatest things happening in the world of literary journals, recently accepted for publication an essay by current non-fiction student Mike Scalise. His piece should appear in the Fall 08 issue, so subscribe now.

If you haven't read an issue, you must do so. What's exciting about this particular journal is how the editors work to publish great design with great, innovative writing, all on the page. It feels different than a standard journal, like, say Ploughshares or StoryQuarterly or Gulf Coast (whose art sections I continue to admire), because Ninth Letter combines both visual and textual design together, while other journals, if they feature visual art, tend to print it on a few glossy pages throughout the book but separate from the text. Luna Park Review discusses this new editorial direction at length here.

Anyhow, good work.

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