Friday, August 29, 2008


At the half century mark of life, I decided to go back and earn a masters in creative writing. I had no idea how far behind the bright unfettered minds of today's youth I'd be. It probably takes me twice as long to read a book, twice as long to figure out the campus and where the hell I'm supposed to be, twice as long to get here after getting lost a half dozen times. There are as many ways to get lost between here and DC as there are ways to find it on a map, believe me, I know. With that said, I got through the week. The best thing happened today. A handsome young man, younger than my daughters, sat at my table and the subject of age came up. He guessed me to be 36. "Really!" I said too excitedly. "Well, I was going to guess 32, but the way you responded to the topic, I wasn't sure." I will live off the fumes of his compliment for the rest of the year.

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