Thursday, February 26, 2009

AIW Fiction Writing Seminar This Saturday

Speaking of getting in as much as one can, head over to the American Independent Writers’ Fiction Writing Seminar this Saturday (tomorrow, February 28), at the Johnson Center cinema from 8 am to 4:15 pm. Bill Miller and John Curry (of AIW) open the seminar, which includes plenary speaker Jeffrey Deaver; keynote speaker Marita Golden; and panel discussions on literary fiction versus genre fiction (with John Gilstrap, Donna Andrews, Alan Cheuse, and James Grady), novelists who write reviews and criticism (with Nandini Lal, Louis Bayard, Sudlip Bose, and Art Taylor); new media and publishing creative writing (with Reb Livingston, Mark Athitakis, Bernadette Geyer, and Laura Ellen Scott), and second novels (with Bill Miller, Andrew W. M. Beierle, Katharine Davis, Dallas Hudgens, and Alex MacLennan). A full program is available at AIW (it’s the third news item; click on “more”).

Members $119, Non-members $189, and Students $69.

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