Thursday, February 26, 2009

AWP, Aggregated

Er, ah, so, I really did hope someone would lord their experience at AWP in Chicago over us, but, yes, irony isn’t the best means of inspiration . . . anyway, here, Dear Reader, flies a try at vicarious blogospheric connective tissue:

• For the live blog, see this here.
• For an aggregation of links, see one fell swoop at Rarely Likeable. With links to more links! And a small, mysterious helicopter . . .
• The Writer’s Center, briefly. Said to expand . . .
• To inspire anxious hope that Mike Scalise found his luggage and his reading went well . . . 
• From Work in Progress, the exhaustedness and the excitedness.
• Poet Sandra Beasley, highlightedly.
• For an incredibly cynical view of humanity, see this essay at Agni.
• For a better example of satire, see this.
• For Ryan Call’s response to said cynicism, see this.
• For a bit of a tangent, see UNESCO designates Iowa City a City of Literature. Note to self: Field trip to UNESCO HQ (Paris!). Bring Fall for the Book invitations.
• For a reminder to get back to work, see Katherine Mansfield (quoted here), “It’s always a kind of a race to get in as much as one can before it disappears.”

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