Friday, March 13, 2009

E. Ethelbert Miller and Assorted Friday Things

• E. Ethelbert Miller reads from his book The Fifth Inning, 7 pm, Monday March 16, at Busboys and Poets, 14th and V streets NW. The first publication from Busboys and Poets Press.
• Soon-to-be-mustachioed volunteers of the Capitol Letters Writing Center in the WaPo! CLWC is truly a bright spot in a world that needs one (seriously).
• Speaking of hirsute DC residents, this May 31 is Walt Whitman’s 190th birthday, which you can celebrate now or then by downloading Leaves of Grass in its entirety, or shouting poetry in the street . . .
• Which brings us to Poetry Please, the BBC program for which listeners send in their favorite poems to be read by a cast of actors (like Judy Dench and Ian McKellen), now in its 30th year.
• Completely unrelated to anything, here’s a site that defines (and, I guess, helps you avoid) clichés. But people who don’t know, maybe they should read a little, live a little? (OK, yes, I’m making a case for listening to the BBC.)
• Apparently you can now, literally, feel as if you have ice water in your veins. It’s a bit creepy, this article. Could be fodder for a story? I don’t know. (It’s Friday the 13th?)

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