Monday, March 23, 2009

Alexis Santi nonfiction at Prick of the Spindle

Hi there.

Go read Alexis Santi's nonfiction piece up at Prick of the Spindle. It's called "One Pure Thing."

The essay features Richard Bausch, alcohol(ism), a dying raccoon, and those goddamned old office chairs that Mason seems to always give to their creative writing professors.

(Incidentally, you can read two poems by my sister and see some of her artwork in the same issue, though I'll leave that for you to click around and find on your own).

Good work, Alexis Santi.

(let us know if you have pubs, please)

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  1. Thanks Ryan, real swell of you. Love--love--your sister's work and I'm very proud to see her work displayed next to mine. Thank you again, I'm touched.