Friday, April 24, 2009

Congrats to the Contest Winners!

Mary Roberts Rinehart Award, Poetry 
Winner: Emily Viggiano

Mark Craver Poetry Award 
Winner: Robb St. Lawrence 
Honorable Mention: Amy Garrett Brown

Virginia Downs Poetry Award 
Winner: Ellie Tipton

Joseph A. Lohman III Poetry Award 
Winner: Ethan Edwards
Honorable Mention: Amy Garrett Brown, Angie Mazakis

Mary Roberts Rinehart Award, Fiction 
Winner: Rebecca McGill 
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Eshelman, Corey Beasley, 
and Priyanka Champaneri

Dan Rudy Fiction Award 
Winner: Nicole Lee 
Honorable Mention: Tim Rowe

Shelley A. Marshall Fiction Award 
Winner: Sara Flood 
Honorable Mention: Priyanka Champaneri

Mary Roberts Rinehart Award, Nonfiction 
Winner: Judy Adkins

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