Thursday, April 2, 2009

Philip Levine Interview w/ Brian Brodeur

Hi Everyone,

Brian Brodeur has interviewed Philip Levine about the creation of a poem. I just discovered Brian's blog. Brian appears to have decided to interview as many poets as possible about the creation of their poems. Others interviewed include Eric Pankey, Sandra Beasley, Dorianne Laux, etc. Visit if you haven't already.

This post is short because I am very tired and must now go wash dishes.



  1. P.S. Brian's site is in the Literary Links below, right. ("How a Poem Happens").

  2. Ah, now I sound like a smartypants. I meant, hey, also, folks, check out the link below, right.

    That interview is very good. It is exciting that he interviewed Philip Levine, too. Here's a link to "The Horse" and links to other Levine poems, in case people haven't read him. (That one is forever etched in my brain.)

    Eric Pankey's is also good. Really, that is one of my favorite sites.