Friday, February 15, 2008

Latest Issues of Journals...For You

Over at Phoebe, we came back with quite the haul from AWP - here's a list of what we have. If you're interested in reading some of it, stop by, grab some issues, etc.
  • Willow Springs #61/Spring 2008
  • Quarterly West #65/FallWinter 20072008
  • Passages North 29.1/WinterSpring2008
  • The Yalobusha Review Volume XIII 2008
  • Cutbank #68/Winter 2008
  • The Hopkins Review Winter 2008 (first issue)
  • Redivider Volume 5, Issue 1
  • Santa Clara Review FallWinter 2008
  • Portland Review Summer 2007
  • Sonora Review #51
And others...I think those are the most recent issues. There might be more. I am tired of typing.

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