Friday, February 22, 2008

My Favorite Thesaurus

I was talking to Erin the other day about The Synonym Finder. It's the best thesaurus in the universe and I always try to keep one nearby when I write. I showed her one page, and Erin immediately bought it online. So, I thought I'd share it's wonderfulness with you all fellow Mason MFA writers (past, present, and future). No, I am not receiving commission as a salesperson for The Synonym Finder, but maybe I should apply for such position!

For each word entry, all synonyms are linked under separate sections, categorized according to the different meanings of the word. The format is more alike to that of a dictionary. The real benefit to this book is the extensive list for each entry. For some, there are hundreds of synonyms. Anyways, you got to trust me on this one. I'm buying another myself because my old copy is literally falling apart.

You can buy it here on

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