Friday, February 8, 2008

New Book from Jennifer Atkinson - Spring 08

A few random things for the weekend, but first two faculty related links, and some contest info:
  • I don't know how new this news is, but Jennifer Atkinson has a new book coming out with Etruscan Press - Art Taylor wrote up a quick, five minute interview in the The Mason Gazette.
  • And a friend of mine pointed out this old radio interview on KCRW's Bookworm, during which Michael Silverblatt talks with Courtney Angela Brkic about her book, The Stone Fields.
Okay, now for the contest links.
  • Drama over in the UK: the people running the 2008 Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize (that includes judge Zadie Smith) decided not to give out the award this year. The whole thing is sort of confusing, but basically it starts with Zadie Smith's decision to withhold the award, followed by lots of chatter from contest participants about this and that, then some weird talk of splitting the award among the short-listed authors, and then lots of shit-talking in the comments section. The happy ending? The award money will go to an international charity.
  • In other contest news, Playboy is currently reading for their annual College Fiction Contest. For work-safe guidelines go here. To read last year's winner, a story called "Lizard Man" by David James Poissant from the University of Arizona, go here. And yes, MFA students are eligible, and there is no entry fee. But this is coming up soon; the post mark deadline is Feb 15th.
  • The L Magazine announces its fourth annual Literary Upstart, The Search for Pocket Fiction competition. Basically, semi-finalists give live readings of their work (no more that 1,500 words) at NYC bars and compete for cash, and the judges' approval. Go here for details.
Okay, now for a few random things - click away:
  • Luna Park, the popular lit-mag review blog, just launched their first issue. Contents include an article from Gary Percesepe on reading for the Antioch Review, an interview with Plimpton Prize winner Benjamin Percy, and an interesting essay on the latest AWP conference in NYC.
  • Writer, Rejected has started a new feature at his blog Literary Rejections on Display: the Rejected Story Corner. Basically, he posts a much rejected story by some anonymous reader, and then everyone comments on it. Afterwards, he posts excerpts from the many rejections it has received so everyone can compare notes.
  • An online Times article on Master Eggers.
  • Discussion over at Kelly Spitzer's blog about magazines that pay versus magazines that don't and contest fees versus prize money.
That's all. Go to Candid Yak. Go to the Fiction Dinner.

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  1. I realize I'm telling people by writing this, but maybe when the next Friday rolls around you can add the Washington Post magazine's contest. Deadline in May. I'm not sure what the prize is beyond publication, but I think a GMUer should win it (last years' was from UMD).